Why shop from us?

1. No Sales Tax--We don’t charge sales tax except for NJ residents.

2. Fast world wide shipping.  We usually ships within 1 business day for all our orders. (Except for out of stock items)

3. Wide Selection -- We carry wide selection of fencing products and accessories designed for fencers from beginners to Olympic Champions. We are the true one stop shop for all your fencing needs.

4. Better Pricing – Since we are the manufacture for our basic and advanced quality products, by cutting out the middle men, we are passing the savings to our customers.  For world’s top premium brands Allstar and Uhlmann, we are able to offer better pricing as well as service because we are the official distributor for those brands.

5. Professional Design and selection -- There are lots of different brands of similar products online.  How do you know which ones are better?  With Blue Gauntlet, you can be confident that everything you get is the best in its class.  Our Founder Mr. Chen was 6 times national champion during his competitive career and had over 40 years of experience in fencing products development.  Our basic and advanced lines of products dynamically adopt newest concepts and technology designed to optimize your fencing experience.  Some features only available or not even available in high end fencing products.  For premium level equipment, we selectively carry only the items that provide the best value and benefits to the fencers. You will never have to worry about over paying for something that costs high but not any better than its alternatives. 

6. Better Quality Control -- Unlike many other vendors in the industry, we have our own manufactures that produce high quality products only available to us and to our design specification.  As a result, our products are noticeably more reliable than many other resellers who have little control over their vendors.

7. Higher Standard – For many of our products, we adopt higher standard even for our basic line of products.  For instance, our basic line of masks offer 400 – 1000N protection on bib while similarly priced comparative brands only offer 350N protection. 

8. Better Warranty – We offer one of the best warranty programs in the industry.  Currently our warranty for selected masks (9 months against punch test failure) and Lames (13 months against corrosion related conductivity failure) are the longest of all fencing vendors.

9. Better Service – Blue Gauntlet brings world-class service to fencers at all levels.  We are guaranteed to show up at all national and many other regional and local tournaments.  Unlike some other vendors, many of our services (like checking and tune up for your weapons, installation of customized weapons and etc.) are FREE of Charge!    Manufacturing advantages allow us to produce customized request at ease.   Being the official distributor for Uhlmann and Allstar, we are also capable to bring world’s top brand’s customizing service locally to you with convenience.

10. Support the sport -- We have been the official USFA equipment sponsor since 2004.  Collectively We have invested over $200,000 worth of equipment to ensure the National Tournaments are running as smoothly as possible.