Regular Competition Fencing Masks

This category contains fencing masks from some of the world's most famous manufactures like Allstar (Germany), Uhlmann (Germany) as well as our BG branded beginner and premium line of masks for Epee, Foil and Saber fencing.  All fencing masks listed are all CE certified and can be used in ANY domestic competition (including national tournaments) in USA and Canada.  CE level one certification also means they are qualified to be used in all European competitions where Level one is required and eligible.  Epee mask starts from $48.  Foil mask starts from $53. Saber mask starts from $84.

Epee Mask --Good for any Epee competition and good for PRACTICE for foil, saber or epee.  

Electric Foil Mask --Good for any foil competition.

Electric Sabre Mask --Good for any sabre competition