Uhlmann FIE epee mask 1600N
Uhlmann FIE epee mask 1600N

PBT 1600N FIE Foil fencing MASK with conducting bib

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FIE approved and eligible to compete in both domestic and international fencing competition


1600N+ protection on the bib


One of the most reliable premium brand from Europe


Made in Hungary

PBT Foil 1600N FIE Mask with conducting bib

PBT, European made, Fencing masks are world renown for their comfort, style and safety. The FIEmask features a 1600 newton bib and a 1000 newton mesh. The mask is certified by the CE for the sport of fencing. The interior of the mask has padding that is second to none. The velcro strap in the rear of the mask is replaceable and of high quality. The colored paint on the mesh is applied through a heat vaporization process. The mesh is stainless steel so it will resist rusting and will dent less than the non FIE version.

Things to consider when purchasing a mask:

  • If you are in a humid environment or sweat a lot you will want this FIE model. It's mesh is made of stainless steel so only the rivets will rust over time.
  • Epee fencers, even beginners, should consider the FIE mask since the mesh is stronger and the face is a valid target
  • The velcro strap will wear out long before the mask. With our mask you can replace it. With competitor's budget masks you cannot. Their velcro is permanently attached to their masks and is a safety concern when it is worn.
  • Our masks are CE certified in Europe as a safety device for the sport of fencing. Many budget masks not only lack the CE certification but they are not even rated for 350 newtons of force.
  • The heat vaporization process during painting allows the colored paint to stay on the mesh longer than a competitor's budget mask which is simply spray painted.


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