Fencing Foil by Rob Handelman, D.C and Connie Louie, ph.D.

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"Fencing Foil: A Practical Training Guide for Coaches, Parents and Young Athletes", Handelman and Louie, 2014, Pattinando Publishing, San Francisco, CA is a new stand-alone book on modern foil fencing. 


Almost 500 pages long, the book covers all aspects of foil training in one text. For example coaches and parents will especially appreciate: sports medicine (diet for training and competition, heat regulation and fluid intake, fencing fitness, functional warm-ups, core training, plyometrics) learning theory, mental toughness, history of foil fencing and how it developed. 


All aspects of foil technique are included (definitions, correct execution, utilization and the pedagogy of how to teach every action), along with over 100 drills labeled from beginner to elite level for various foil actions, footwork with descriptions of each movement and utilization, competitive training tactics (tactical abilities, tactical styles, tactical pedagogy used by our National coaches, detailed stripside coaching instruction, bout analysis and observation skills over 40 training scenarios for competition).


Specifically for coaches, how to do group instruction and drills for all levels, individual lessons for coaches from Moniteur to Master (fencing elements defined and explained, teaching methods, coaching footwork, cues and coordination, specifics on Option, Teaching and Warm-up lessons with sample lessons for the club and for certification exams), and fencer’s motivation. 

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