Favero wireless scoring set

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• Not suitable for competitions since not all features of a traditional wire apparatus can be guaranteed. Signalling specifications are indicated in the "WF1-Signalling Specifications" document. 
 • Signals hits in conformity with FIE time regulations. • Ready for immediate use. Ideal for gyms or schools which are not equipped for fencing since no installation/uninstallation of reels, cables, apparatuses and power supply devices is needed. 
 • 5 modes of operation: "Epee" "Foil" "Epee training": for signalling hits in rapid succession on the epee "Epee plastic": for plastic epees with electrical connection "Foil plastic": for plastic foils with electrical connection 
• Used with customary fencing attire and equipment. No special clothing, connective t-shirts or other conductive garments necessary. 
• Operates with rechargeable batteries. Typical length of battery life: approx. 45 hours of power. Battery level indicator. Auto-switch off after 20 minutes of inactivity. Battery charger provided. • Excellenct visibility of the lights signalling hits. Adjustable acoustic signal. 
• A second WF1 can be used as a repeater on the same piste, in order to display hits at each end of the piste or in the direction of the spectators. 
• Radio transmission at 2.4GHz. Simultaneous operation of 12 piste without interference thanks to the possibilty of selecting 12 different radio channels. Such a selection allows for the TRANSMITTER to be easily replaced without having to specifiy any codes to the manufacturer.
• USB port for easy updating of software in the case of changes in FIE regulations. For automatic updating simply insert a USB key containing the new file.
• Comes with carrying case with transparent side containing: RECEIVER apparatus with signalling lights, the two TRANSMITTERS used by fencers, and battery charger. 
• Total size and weight of carrying case: 265x210x70mm 2.0kg
• Size and weight of each TRANSMITTER: 76x48x17mm 54g

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