Here you will find electric fencing jackets for electric foil fencing and electric saber fencing. The electric fencing jackets are commonly known as lames. The foil lames are vests without sleeves. The saber lames have sleeves. The basic fencing lames are using copper wires. The copper wires are easy to be oxidized or become rusted (turning green color). Once oxidation takes place, the affected spot started to lose conductivity and become illegal to use in tournaments. This natural process will be accelerated if it exposed to moisture, water and sweat. Therefore, the copper based lames can NEVER be washed. Stainless steel lames, on the other hand is corrosion resistant. They can be washed without problems. However, we recommend hand wash ONLY because machine wash has a higher chance for the rough wire surface to rub against each other and cause physical damage to the wire.