BG Easy Install 2-Prong socket Holder

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BG Easy-Install 2-Prong Foil socket HOLDER.  Patent pending design.

 The design of the 2 prong socket requires a tool to hold on to the bolts under the socket, a screwdriver to open the nut and an extra hand to insert the wire.  Lots of people who installed foil always wished to have 3 hands up till now!  Introducing the new BG easy install 2 prong socket HOLDER for foil.  This socket holder features a PATENT PENDING design which eliminated the need of an extra tool to hold on the bolts under the socket during installation.  Placing wire into a 2 prong foil socket is now as easy as doing it with epee socket.  In addition, the holder makes the socket much more stable.  The chance for the socket to come apart (which happens often to conventional 2 prong socket) is next to none with this new design!  

Please note this is a 2 prong foil socket HOLDER, NOT a foil socket.  It can be used on both BG or any German 2 prong foil socket!  Please see the related item below if you are looking for a 2-prong foil socket with this holder installed.

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