BF mrg non-FIE Epee BLADE wired with GM point

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BF Maraging non-FIE Epee Blade wired with German Point

A well balanced, light weight (Bare) Epee Blade with medium to high flexibility.  This blade is manufactured by BF whose FIE version is the widely used by the best fencers in the world.  This is a non-FIE version using the same high end Maraging steel as their FIE version.  The average life span of this blade is very similar to its FIE version.  However, the price is more favorable compared to its FIE version.

Available Sizes

  • 5 (Regular Adult Size)
  • 2 (Under 12)

Average weight of blade is 205Grams

Size #2 is aprx 180 grams

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