About Us

About Us

Blue Gauntlet Fencing located in Saddle Brook, NJ, is the premier USA Fencing equipment supplier! We owe our success to our loyal customers and our top quality, strong pride, and committed and dedicated service. To achieve and maintain the best quality, we pay the strictest attention to the comments and suggestions from our customers. Together, we develop the best new products every year. Because you work directly with us, the manufacturer, we hope you will be pleasantly surprised at our competitive prices, service, quality, and, most importantly, the exceptional value.

All the products we carry (even the most basic starter sets) are professional grade and are inspired by our founder's over 40 years of industry experience, even though many products do NOT carry a respective price tag.  Our service starts, not ends, after you receive your order. 

We guarantee a free repair or replacement if you have any problem with any equipment. Additionally, we waive all service costs for assembling custom designed weapons, small fixes, or tune-ups. Our mission is to bring you, the fencer, the highest quality and services at the lowest prices possible!

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About Our Founder

Our founder, Mr. Chen Jingxi, has over 40 years of experience with fencing, coaching, and equipment development. He was one of the very first fencers in China when the sport was initially introduced to the country. During his competitive career, he earned countless medals, including six-time national champion in epee. He also won the Bronze medal in foil when he attended his first China National Foil Championship.

After a competitive career, he took numerous roles in coaching and refereeing at the national level before he became a professor at Shanghai Sports University. Later, he elevated his refereeing experience to the international level and served as the chief referee director in China. 

Fencing equipment research has always been a favorite interest for him. All Chinese fencing equipment manufacturers today are directly or indirectly related to the Shanghai sports company to which, Mr. Chen, served as the technical consultant for many years. Several of the best "descendants" were selected to become the manufacturers for Blue Gauntlet today! 2

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